Nicholas Balistarius

"Ballista" was the term used to describe any kind of weapon that fired a missile. This term may well have been used as a title given to a bowman or a crossbowman.

Nicholas Balistarius, or 'Nicholas the Bowman' also went by the name of 'de la Pole'. Nicholas was of the rank of tenant-in-chief and was rewarded for his services with lands in both Devon and Warwickshire. He held Werbery, Greenslinch, Stokeinteighnead, Rocombe, Ogwell, Holbeam, Bagtor, Ideford, Staplehill and Buckland. In 1086 Nicholas exchanged his manor of Ailstone with that of Plymtree, belonging to Abbot Serlo of St. Peter's, Gloucester.

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