Prince Maurits of Orange-Nassau, van Vollenhoven

Prince Maurits
Prince Maurits of Orange-Nassau, van Vollenhoven
Spouse Princess Mariléne
Anna van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven
Lucas van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven
Felicia van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven
Full name
Maurits Willem Pieter Hendrik
Father Pieter van Vollenhoven
Mother Princess Margriet of the Netherlands
Born 17 April 1968 (1968-04-17) (age 41)

Dutch Royal Family
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HM the Queen *

Prince Maurits Willem Pieter Hendrik of Orange-Nassau, van Vollenhoven (born Utrecht, 17 April 1968), is the eldest son of HRH Princess Margriet of the Netherlands and Prof. Pieter van Vollenhoven. His godparents are HRH Princess Christina of the Netherlands, HSH Prince Aloys-Konstantin zu Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg, Jhr. G. Krayenhof, and The Dutch Merchant Fleet. He is a member of the Dutch Royal Family, and currently 10th in line of succession to the Dutch Throne.

He has three brothers: Prince Bernhard, Prince Pieter-Christiaan, Prince Floris.

In 1987 Prince Maurits performed military service with the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps and the Royal Netherlands Navy. He graduated at University of Groningen in 1995, where he obtained a MSc degree in Economics. After his study he worked for the Schiphol Airport Authority, where he occupied several positions, including Senior Manager of Passenger Services.

From September 2001 to May 2006, the prince worked for Philips DAP BV (Domestic Appliances and Personal Care) in Amersfoort, where he was in charge of part of the Philishave portfolio.

In May 2006, Prins Maurits started his own business. His company, The Source, focuses on innovative concepts for products, services and systems for both business and government.

In 1989, he met Marilène (Marie-Helène) van den Broek b. 4 February 1970), the youngest daughter of Hans van den Broek and Josee van den Broek-van Schendel. They were married in Apeldoorn civilly on 29 May 1998, followed by a religious ceremony on 30 May. Princess Marilène has given birth to three children:

  • Anastasia (Anna) Margriet Joséphine van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven, born in Amsterdam on 15 April 2001.
  • Lucas Maurits Pieter Henri van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven, born in Amsterdam on 26 October 2002.
  • Felicia Juliana Bénedicte Barbara van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven, born in Amsterdam on 31 May 2005.

By Royal Decree of 26 May 1998, the children of Prince Maurits and Princess Marilène bear the surname "van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven".


16. Pieter van Vollenhoven
8. Willem Jan van Vollenhoven
17. Cornelia Rijshouwer
4. Pieter van Vollenhoven
18. Victor Ulysses Buck
9. Auguste Philippine Buck
19. Caroline Dorothea Zickwolff
2. Pieter van Vollenhoven
20. Hendrik Jan de Lange
10. Antonius Matthias de Lange
21. Jacoba Gijsberta Hirschig
5. Jacoba Gijsbertha Stuyling de Lange
22. Hendrik Jacob Kann
11. Amalia Anna Jacoba Kann
23. Anna Willemina van Doorn
1. Prince Maurits of Orange-Nassau, van Vollenhoven
24. Ernst, Count of Lippe-Biesterfeld
12. Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld
25. Countess Caroline von Wartensleben
6. Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld
26. Baron Aschwin von Sierstorpff-Cramm
13. Baroness Armgard of Sierstorpff-Cramm
27. Baroness Hedwig von Sierstorpff
3. Princess Margriet of the Netherlands
28. Frederick Francis II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
14. Duke Hendrik of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
29. Princess Marie of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt
7. Juliana of the Netherlands
30. William III of the Netherlands
15. Wilhelmina of the Netherlands
31. Princess Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont

Styles of
Prince Maurits of Orange-Nassau, van Vollenhoven
NL - COA.png
Reference style His Highness
Spoken style Your Highness
Alternative style Uwe Hoogheid

Prince Maurits of Orange-Nassau, van Vollenhoven
Born: 17 April 1968
Dutch royalty
Preceded by
Princess Margriet
Line of succession to the Dutch Throne
10th position
Succeeded by
Prince Berhnard

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