Princess Pauline of Orange-Nassau

Princess Pauline of Orange-Nassau

Princess Pauline Charlotte of Orange-Nassau (Wilhelmina Frederika Louise Pauline Charlotte; 1 March 1800 - 20 December/22 December 1806) was a Princess of the House of Orange-Nassau.


Princess Pauline Charlotte was born in Berlin while her parents were living in exile during the time the Low Countries were occupied by France. She was the third child and first-born daughter of King William I of the Netherlands by his wife Wilhelmine of Prussia. Her two older brothers were the future King William II and Prince Frederick of the Netherlands. Her parents also had a stillborn child in 1795.

In August 1806, her parents had another stillborn son. Pauline died in Freienwalde four months later; her younger sister, Marianne, was born four years later.

In 1911 her neglected grave was found in a garden in Berlin. After its owner, Walther Rathenau, contacted Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, Princess Pauline's body was transferred to the Royal Crypt in the Nieuwe Kerk in Delft.

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