Verse One Verse Three Scene 1 The Old Lion Verse Two Leaf Scroll Edward the Confessor Earl Harold of Wessex Royal Palace of Westminster Royal Palace of Westminster Sceptre Throne Crown Lion sinster passant coward Lion dexter passant coward Latin Text Latin Text Latin Text Eadnoth the Staller Dais Ankle Length Tunic Knee Length Tunic Braided Trim Braided Trim Cushion Scene 2 Circular Brooch Circular Brooch Stockings Stockings Cambered Beam Cambered Beam Louvre I will have no part in this; but, not to give the impression of wishing to hinder you, I give you leave to go where you will and to see what you can do. But I have a presentiment that you will only succeed in bringing misfortune upon the whole Kingdom and discredit upon yourself. For I know that the Duke is not so simple as to be at all inclined to give them up to you unless he foresees that in doing so he will secure some great advantage to himself. Noblemans Shoe Noblemans Shoe Hoof The Old Lion The seagull and the Kite Border Decoration Border Decoration Azor Adelard Aethelnoth Cild Brihtric Meaw Osbern FitzOsbern Bird statant reguardant preening sinister Bird statant reguardant preening  dexter Lion sinister passant coward reguardant tail to mouth Latin Text Palfrey Saddle Palfrey Palfrey Saddle Palfrey Palfrey Palfrey Reins Palfrey Circular Brooch Scene 3 Square Brooch Circular Brooch Circular Brooch Palfrey Hoof Horseshoe Hoof Hoof Hoof Hoof Hoof Hoof The Goat and the Ass The Kite and the Pigeons Border Decoration Border Decoration Border Decoration