Harrier Hound Mastiff Tree The Lion in Love The Old Man and Death The Lion in a Farmyard Latin Text Latin Text Latin Text Shield Shield Shield Shield Walter de Daiville Reginald de Ashburnham Ansgar de Criquetot William de Picquigni Spear Lance Palfrey Horses Sword Saddle Lance Lance Lance Stirrup Spur Scene Eleven The Lions Share The Oaks and Jupiter The Walnut Tree Border Decoration Border Decoration Border Decoration Border Decoration Count Guy Hawk Tree The Lions Share The Kingdom of the Lion The Hawk and the Nightingale The Birdcatcher, the Partridge and the Cock Latin Text Latin Text Latin Text Saddle Palfrey Palfrey Spear Shield Saddle Lance Lance Buckle Girth belt Breast Band Shield Palfrey Cantle Cantle Palfrey Trousered Tunic Scene 12 The Walnut Tree The Oxen and the Axle Tree Stirrup Spur Englishman Englishman Shield Shield Martin, Sire of Tour Filliol Guarin de Maule The Black-Slave The Marriage of the Sun Border Decoration Border Decoration Earl Harold Hawk Earl Harold The Lioness The Lion and the Boar The Birds, the Beasts and the Bat Latin Text Latin Text Palfrey Scabbard Sword Saddle Saddle Short Cloak Trousered Tunic Palfrey Palfrey Retainer Retainer Belt Slide Belt Slide Sword Belt Belt End Trousered Tunic Trousered Tunic Short Tunic Short Cloak Scene 13 Circular Brooch Guillaume de Malleville Castle of Beaurain Castle of Beaurain Hugh l\'Asne William de Cahaignes Englishman Englishman Englishman Englishman Guillaume d\'Aubellamare Circular Brooch The Trumpeter Taken Prisoner The Lion and the Three Councilors The Falconer and the Partridge Border Decoration Border Decoration Border Decoration