Scene 154 Axe Head Axe Sword Shield Spikes Spikes Spikes The Apes and the Two Travelers The Hare and the Tortoise The Hares and the Frogs Latin Text Latin Text Latin Text Latin Text Axe Handle Sword Blacmann the Priest Blacmann the Priest Decapitated Head Raoul Taisson Fallen  Soldier Sire De Bouttevillain Sword de Mathan Hugue De Houdetot Enguenulf de l'Aigle Enguenulf de l'Aigle Avenel de Biarz Avenel de Biarz Spur Stirrup Scabbard Saddle Saddle English Infantryman Injured Horse Injured Horse Injured Horse Plant Saddle Stirrup Destrier Destrier Stirrup Strap Stirrup Strap Reins Reins Border Decoration Border Decoration Swamp Scene 155 The Malfosse Pit Caldbec Hill The Huntsman and the Fisherman The Two Travelers and the Axe The Crab and its Mother Latin Text Latin Text Destrier Destrier Falling Knight Hugh de Grentmesnil Saddle Saddle Lance Lance Lance English Soldier Girth Strap Girth Strap Robert de Beaumont Destrier Sword Sword Destrier Reins Destrier Destrier Saddle Destrier Reins Reins Spear Scabbard Lance Sword Severed Head Saddle Destrier Stirrup Reins Eustace of Abbeyville Fallen Soldier Scabbard Spear Fyrd Fyrd Spear Spear Spear Spear Shield Fyrd Fyrd Fyrd Shield Fyrd Battle Axe Saddle Caldbec Hill Caldbec Hill Spear Stirrup Strap Stirrup Stirrup Strap Border Decoration Border Decoration Scene 156 The Old Hoare Apple Tree Bishop Odo Mace Caldbec Hill Caldbec Hill The Dolphins, the Whales, and the Sprat The Ass and the Frogs The Ass and the Mule Latin Text Latin Text Fyrd Shield Shield Fyrd Fyrd Spear Spear Lance Lance Spear Shield Destrier Saddle Cantle Lance Guillaume d Arques Battle Axe Fyrd Fyrd Pommel Scabbard Spear Spear Shield Scabbard Fallen Soldier Shield Sire de Drincourt Sire de Drincourt Sire de Drincourt Destrier Saddle Shield Spear Shield Saddle Destrier Eudo Dapifer Destrier Abbot Leofric Destrier Eudo Dapifer Lance Lance Stirrup Caldbec Hill Caldbec Hill Caldbec Hill Spear Scabbard Stirrup Strap Girth Belt Gambeson Border Decoration Border Decoration Border Decoration