Scene 161 Disarmed Englishman Sword Scabbard The Mules and the Robbers The Boy Bathing The Boys and the Frogs Latin Text Latin Text Latin Text Norman Archer Norman Archer Norman Archer Sword Severed Head Decapitated Soldier Bow Bow Bow Sword Hugh de Port Hauberk Fallen English Soldier Shield Saddle Saddle Saddle Destrier William Peverel William Peverel Hilt Pommel Lance Shield Shield William Painel Destrier Destrier Destrier Robert Fitz Ernies Lance Lance Lance The Fighting Man Stirrup Spur Girth Belt Destrier Border Decoration Border Decoration Border Decoration Scene 162 King Harold Arrow in the eye Sword King Harold Shield King Harold King Harold The Boys and the Frogs The Horse and His Rider The Horse and the Groom The Fisherman and the Little Fish Latin Text Latin Text The Fighting Man Dragon Banner Sword Lance William de Colomberies Hauberk Fallen English Soldier Helmet Sword Sword Sword Robert Bertram Helmet Dead Soldier Hauberk Picot de Saye Shield Shield William de Gloz Injured English Soldier Injured English Soldier Scabbard Battle Axe Scabbard Arrow Arrow Arrow Saddle Saddle Spear Scabbard Scabbard Standard Shield Arrow Arrow Lance Lance Shield Arrow Arrow Arrow Lance Spear Standard Destrier Destrier Destrier Hugh de Montfort King Harold Destrier Marleswein English Infantryman English Infantryman Marleswein Robert Fitz Ernies English Infantryman Axe Handle Spear Border Decoration Border Decoration Scene 163 King Harold Battle Axe Axe Battle Axe Axe The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse The Horse and the Stag The Oxen and the Butchers Latin Text Latin Text Fallen English Soldier Fallen Soldier Sword Fallen Soldier Lance Shield Sword Lance Lance Lance Lance Lance Lance Shield Shield Saddle Scabbard Guillame Bacon Robert d'Oiley Robert d'Oiley Scabbard Hilt Hilt Scabbard Scabbard Lance Lance Lance Scabbard Shield Destrier Destrier Destrier Stirrup Shield Fallen Soldier Fallen English Soldier English Infantryman English Infantryman Waltheof  Earl of Huntington English Infantry Soldier Aelfric of Gelling Injured English Soldier Eadric the Deacon Stirrup Strap Stirrup Stirrup Strap Border Decoration Border Decoration Border Decoration Border Decoration