January 10th 2017

Cotswold Airfield
Malmesbury Abbey
Geocaching the local Churches

Air Salvage International, Cotswold Airport
Cotswold Airport, Cirencester, Gloucestershire
Recycling centre
Malmesbury Market Cross, c. 1490
Malmesbury Abbey main entrance
15th Century Bible part 1
15th Century Bible part 2
15th Century Bible part 3
15th Century Bible part 4
Malmesbury Abbey view from the Cloister garden at the rear
Malmesbury Abbey view from the front
St Pauls Bell Tower, Malmesbury
The Cloister Garden


The Gesta Regum Anglorum otherwise known as 'The Chronicles or The History of the Kings of England' is an early-12th-century history of the kings of England by William of Malmesbury. This is the first printing of his work in 1596.

Malmesbury Silver Penny
Tomb of King Aethelstan, 939
Interesting string course
St. John the Baptist, Charlton
'The Old Bell' England's oldest hotel, 1220
All Saints, Garsdon
St. John the Baptist, Brokenborough
Holy Trinity, Long Newnton