January 15th 2017

Final day at Windrush
Transporter Bridge, newport - built 1906

Hey! Hey! Watcha readin'
Is it 'Cat in the Hat' or 'Puss in Boots'?
Hey dog! get in behind
So what you waiting for, cat?
Introducing Heidi the cat and
Doorstop the dog
Saint Mary Magdalene, Sherborne, Gloucestershire 1172
Holdich Organ, 1870

James Henry Legge Dutton
Edward Lennox Dutton
Height of towers 242 feet,
clearway between towers 592 feet
The River Usk has the world's second highest tidal range at 14.5 metre
The gondola and trolley together weigh 51.5 tonnes and has been tested with a load of 120 tons
Opened in 1906, the steel cables are tested to 550 tons breaking strain
278 steps to the top. Can withstand winds up to 110 mph
City Bridge over the river Usk, Newport

14 Locks - 167 foot rise in half a mile
Started in 1795
Gillian locking good