January 25th 2017

Second day on 'A trip around the Caribbean'

St Issell's Church, Saundersfoot
Wisemans Bridge beach
Amroth Castle, Pembrokeshire is a castellated house dating from the 18th century.
Saint Elidyrs Church, Amroth
Looking up the track
Looking down the track
Found it !
Arrr !
St. Margaret, Eglwys Cymmin, Carmarthen, UK
St. Margaret's Church, Pendine
St. Lawrences, Marros
Arrr !
Spot the cache
It's in one of them
Now how do you open this? A Cuban puzzle box
I give up. It doesn't come apart.
Wind and solar farm at Pendine Capacity 4,800 kw wind, 4.950 kw solar