January 4th 2017

A geocaching day around the local villages - 11 caches found only 1 church micro
Aircraft from the nearby Brize Norton RAF military airbase (Did I get the breeds right?)

St Mary's church, Westwell
St. Mary the Virgin, Holwell.
St. Peter's, Filkins
The Jail, Filkins
Boeing C17 Transport Aircraft
Airbus A400M
KC-30A refueling Tanker. A modified Airbus A330
St. Margaret's Church, Little Faringdon
Medieval Glass
Saint Lawrence Church, Lechlade
Robert Hitchman, 1510
John Townsend and his wife, 1458
Saint Agatha, patron saint of breast cancer
Saint Lawrence Church, Lechlade
St. Peter's Church, Southrop
Wife of Sir John Conway
Sir John Conway, 1560
12th Century
Norman font
St. Michael and St. Martin, Eastleach
The River Leach
St. Andrews, Eastleach Turville
Heidi the tuxeco
Which direction to go? Check out the paws!