January 24th, 2018

A busy day at the exhibition followed by an evening out with Charlie, Ruth, Wobbly, Maria, David, Steve, Jonathan and Barry.

A busy day at the exhibition.
Melton, Suffolk
Gillian holding a medieval miniature crossbow
Gillian looks the part. Very medieval.
Gillian holds an Anglo-Saxon boar-crested helmet as described in Beowulf.
Wobbly shows us his collection of medieval weapons and armour.
Kersey, Suffolk.
Gillian holds a replica 1066 glass.
Gillian holds a replica 1066 leather mug.
Gillian wearing a saxon cone helmet or nasal helmet. First appeared around the C9th.
Medieval crossbow from around the 1066 period.
Wobbly in the workshop where he makes all the weapons and armour.
1066 Viking shield, held by
Master armourer, Wobbly.
Norman helmet 1066
Saxon helmet 1066
Crusader Templar Helmet c1200.
Battle axes 1066
Old english word for 'knife'
War Hammer 1066
Wobbly sporting a full mail coat, or Hauberk.
Leather mug, 1066
Mace 1066
Axes and sword, 1066
Reverse side of shield
Close up of the shield hand grip
Anglo-Saxon boar-crested helmet
Spear with small gonfanon, 1066
More weapons from the 1066 period.
Ruth and Charlie Haylock.
Author of numerous books on the English language and the Suffolk dialect.
Radio personality and entertainer

Out to dinner with Charlie and Ruth,
Wobbly and Maria, David, Steve, Jonathan and Barry.
Wobbly and Maria talk to David.
David Mills is Emeritus Reader in English, University of London, and a member of the Council of the English Place Name Society.
Jonathan Milner, QC
Barrie Appleby.
Cartoonist for the Beano
since the 1970's.
Dennis the Menace, Roger the Dodger as well as cartoon strips for 'Buster'
and 'The Dandy'
Stephen Pollington, author of books on Anglo-Saxon England, Old English language, military culture, herblore and runes.

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