January 4th, 2019

A geocaching walk around Christchurch City Centre and a geocaching event

Christchurch Cathedral taken from the top of the Christchurch Public Library
The ruins of Christchurch Cathedral
The Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial designed by Grega Vezjak to commemorate the 185 people who lost their lives on 22 Feb. 2011.
Bridge of Remembrance, Christchurch
Kate Sheppard National Memorial to Women's Suffrage, 1993
Christchurch, New Zealand
Market stalls in Christchurch City Centre
Christchurch Millenium Sculpture 'The Chalice' by Neil Dawson
Cathedral Square, Christchurch
Murals around Christchurch City Centre
Murals around Christchurch City Centre
Rauora Park and cycle path, Christchurch. Opened in January 2018, Rauora Park is five blocks long
Zirka Circus in Christchurch, NZ
Gillian did'nt mention we were going to a geocaching event.
Geocaching event at Edmonds' Clock Tower, 1929 Christchurch, NZ
Thomas Edmonds was famous for his 'Sure to Rise' baking powder and
The Edmonds Cookbook.
One of the thirteen Nga Whariki
Manaaki (stone woven mats of
welcome) designed by Reihana Parata and Morehu Flutey.
Christchurch, New Zealand
Tree Houses for Swamp Dwellers.
Sculpture by Julia Morison, 2013
Christchurch, New Zealand
'Poupou' by Riki Manuel, 1994.
At 6 metres high, the Maori totem is made from Totara, paint and paua shells.
Victoria Square, Christchurch, NZ
A 650kg cast iron statue designed by Sir Antony Gormley. The statue is located in the middle of the river Avon, Christchurch, New Zealand

'Mill Island'
The water wheel was built in 1997 on the site of an historic flour mill that operated on the island in 1859.
Christchurch, New Zealand

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