June 17th, 2017

A five and a half mile geocaching walk around the Hangman Loop, Combe Martin.

The view of Combe Martin inlet, taken from the bedroom.
Little Hangman lies on the
Coastal path national trail overlooking Combe Martin.
Combe Martin although not the longest village in England, does hold the record for the longest street party.
The rugged coastline around Combe Martin.
Gillian finds the first cache on Hangman's Loop, Combe Martin
On top of Little Hangman
A well hidden cache. Neary gave up on this one.
Gillian takes a rest at the top of Little Hangman.
Walking up the trail to Great Hangman. Little Hangman in the distance behind.
A cache call.
Gillian takes a call from Angeline
in Australia.
Great Hangman reaches an altitude of 1,043 feet. As long as there's a cache every 200 yards Gillian's OK.
Great Hangman has a cliff face of 800 feet which makes it the highest sea cliff in England. As long as there's a cache.
On our way down via Silver Mine Farm. The war expenses of Edward the Third and Henry the Fifth were paid for by the sale of silver mined here.
On our way down via Silver Mine Farm. There are items in the Crown Jewels made from Combe Martin silver.
34 caches for the day. Still another 9 to complete the trail.
Combe Martin beach
Pack o' Cards public house, Combe Martin. Built around 1700 by George Ley. It originally had 52 windows, 13 rooms and four floors.
An unusual house.
The Old Forge, Combe Martin.

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