March 9th, 2017

A country walk around Little Chart with a few caches along the way

St. Mary's Church, Little Chart
Go find the cache Max
Max on the trail of the next cache
Yes, it's over there. I think. Maybe.
It's not over here
Three Ents.
Ent is the Anglo-Saxon word for giant.
It's over here
Very Ent ertaining
Tractor and chain harrow.
A little help from the local farmer
to solve the riddle.
Took awhile to figure out how to open it.
Saw one of these at the Mega but it still took us awhile
And I think we should go for a walk
Took even longer to get it back together
Formal garden along the way
Cricket pavilion on the forstal.
Similar to one seen in Doctor Who
An Ousthouse on the forstal