May 4th, 2017

Some geocaching around the Tide Mills at Seaford Head

Tide Mills is a derelict village two kms south east of Newhaven. The village was abandoned in 1939.
The Tide Mills site had a Railway Station, Nurses Home, Hospital, RNAS Station and the Marconi Radio station (1904).
The Tide Mills site, unused since 1900, was condemned in 1936 with the last residents
forcibly removed in 1939

The tide mill was erected in 1761 by the Duke of Newcastle, and was later owned and operated by William Catt (1770–1853)
The Tide Mills derelict mill race sluice
Gillian trying to complete an earth cache on the beach near the Tide Mills, Bishopstone

Newhaven Boat Marina
The Newhaven - Dieppe ferry Côte D’Albatre, entered service in March 2006. At 142 metres long,
and with a draught of 5.7m, she is the maximum-sized ferry that Newhaven can currently safely accommodate.
Candy coloured beach huts along the Seaford beach front
The chalk cliffs at
Splash Point, Seaford
Shoal of fish benches at
Splash Point, Seaford
Gillian and Misty relax in the sun

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