November 3rd, 2016

Hastings viaduct to Priory Meadows
Two sections of the Hastings embroidery at the Hastings Town Hall
West Hill Funicular, Hastings
Hastings 2016 patchwork
St. Clements Church, Hastings
fishing fleet, Old Town, Hastings

Hastings viaduct - look left
Hastings viaduct - look right
Hastings Embroidery at the Hastings Town Hall
Created by the Royal School of Needlework and commissioned to commemorate the 900th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings in 1966.
West Hill Funicular in Hastings was opened in 1891 by the Hastings Lift Company.
The Hastings Passenger Lift Company took over the lift in 1894 and operated the line until 1947.
Hastings 2016 patchwork. On display at the Church of St Clement, Hastings
Staind glass windows, Church of St Clement, Hastings.
Hastings Old Town is home to the largest beach-launched fishing fleet in Britain.
Hastings East Hill Funicular was opened in 1902 by the Hastings Borough Council and is the
steepest funicular railway in the United Kingdom
Giant Eel Sculpture by Leigh Dyer,
Hastings Old Town
Butler's Gap, Hastings Old Town
Church of St Clement, Hastings
Church of St Clement, Hastings.
Church of St Clement from Croft Road, Hastings Old Town
St Just, Hastings Old Town.
Film location used in the TV series Foyle's War as the home of DCS Foyle
Geocaching around
Hastings Old Town.
Hastings in Stitches 1995,
Hastings Town Hall
Bayeux Tapestry Artwork,
Hastings Town Hall
South Aisle
St. Clements Church, Hastings

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