Death of Edgar—State of Parties—Edward the Martyr and Ethelred respectively supported by the partizans and adversaries of Dunstan—Edward's party prevail—Dunstan's opponents killed by the falling of the building at Calne—Murder of Edward by Elfrida—Accession of Ethelred the Unready—Danes renew their attacks—The Dane-geld—Ethelred marries Emma, of Normandy—Massacre of the Danes on St. Brice's Day—Sweyne's Invasion—Ethelred abandons England to him—Death of Sweyne—Restoration of Ethelred—Canute continues to occupy the North—Death of Ethelred—Division of the Country between Canute and Edmund Ironside—Murder of the latter—Reign of Canute—Succession of Harold Harefoot and Hardicanute.
Edward the Confessor—State of Parties—Influence of Godwin and his family—Earldoms held by them,—Edward's Norman favourites—Siward and Leofric, Earls of Northumbria and Mercia, oppose Godwin—Disturbances occasioned by Eustace, Count of Boulogne—Commotions in the country—Godwin takes the field against the King's party—He and his family are outlawed—Visit of William of Normandy—Godwin returns, and is restored to power—Death of Godwin—Questions concerning the Succession—Edward the "Outlaw," son of Ironside, called to England by the Confessor, and acknowledged as Heir to the Crown—Sis untimely Death—Edward appoints William of Normandy as his successor—Death of Edward.

CHAPTER XV Harold assumes the Crown—His authority not recognised throughout all the realm—William prepares to invade England—Assembly of the Norman Baronage at Lillebonne—the Pope sanctions William's enterprise—Equipment of the Norman Fleet—Harold marries Algitha, the Sister of Edwin and Morcar—Tostig incites Harold Harfager to attack Harold—the Norwegian Expedition—: Battle of Stamford Bridge—Harfager and Tostig slain—Sailing of the Norman Fleet—Landing of the Norman Army—Harold marches to attack William—Preparations for the Conflict—Battle of Hastings—Tradition of the escape of Harold.