List of dog breeds

This Chihuahua mix and Great Dane show some of the tremendous variety of dog breeds.

Dogs have been selectively bred for thousands of years, sometimes by inbreeding dogs from the same ancestral lines, sometimes by mixing dogs from very different lines.[1] The process continues today, resulting in a wide variety of breeds, hybrids, and types of dog. Centuries of selective breeding by humans has resulted in dogs being more genetically diverse than most other mammals by a considerable margin. As such, dogs are the only animal with such a wide variation in appearance without speciation, "from the Chihuahua to the Great Dane".[2]

The following list uses a wide interpretation of "breed". Breeds are usually categorized by the functional type from which the breed was developed. The basic types are companion dogs, guard dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs, and working dogs, although there are many other types and subtypes. Breeds listed here may be traditional breeds with long histories as registered breeds, rare breeds with their own registries, or new breeds that may still be under development.

In some cases, a breed's origin overlaps the boundaries of two or more countries; the dog is normally listed only in the country with which it is most commonly associated (for example, by its designated country according to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). Some dogs, such as the Löwchen, have an uncertain origin and are listed under several countries.

List with classification and standards

Breed Origin Image
Affenpinscher Germany, France Affenpinscher.jpg
Afghan Hound Afghanistan Afghan Hound.jpg
Afghan Shepherd Afghanistan Afghan Shepherd.jpg
Aidi Morocco Aidi.jpg
Airedale Terrier United Kingdom (England) Airedale Terrier.jpg
Akbash Turkey Turkish akbash.jpg
Akita Inu Japan Japaneseakita.jpg
Alano Español Spain Alano-espanol-0003.jpg
Alaskan Klee Kai United States WOWAKK-Kukai-Alaskan-Klee-Kai.jpg
Alaskan Malamute United States Alaskanmalamute0b.jpg
Alpine Dachsbracke Austria Alpejski gończy krótkonożny g99.jpg
Alpine Spaniel Switzerland, Savoy Alpine spaniel.jpg
American Akita Japan/United States American akita.jpg
American Bulldog United States Saylor's Doc Holliday.jpg
American Cocker Spaniel United States American Cocker in Tallinn 2.JPG
American Eskimo Dog Germany American Eskimo Dog.jpg
American Foxhound United States AmericanFoxhound2.jpg
American Hairless Terrier United States TagnonPond9-6-03.jpg
American Pit Bull Terrier United States American Pit Bull Terrier - Seated.jpg
American Staffordshire Terrier United States Amerykański staford 222.jpg
American Water Spaniel United States Chien d'eau americain champion 1.JPG
Anatolian Shepherd Dog Turkey Anatolian 589.jpg
Andalusian Hound Spain Sheila.jpg
Anglo-Français de Petite Vénerie France Anglo-Français de petite vénerie.jpg
Appenzeller Sennenhund Switzerland Appenzeller czerń 045.jpg
Ariege Pointer France Pointer of Ariege from 1915.JPG
Ariegeois France Gończy 059.jpg
Armant Egypt Armant dog, with some orange stuff and trees in background.jpg
Armenian Gampr dog Armenia Gampr Hamlik Parsanyan 2.jpg
Artois Hound France Artois from 1915.JPG
Australian Cattle Dog Australia ACD-blue-spud.jpg
Australian Kelpie Australia Hilu.jpg
Australian Shepherd United States Redtriaussie01.jpg
Australian Silky Terrier Australia Silkyterrier125.jpg
Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog[10] Australia Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog.jpg
Australian Terrier Australia Australian Terrier 002 U.jpg
Austrian Black and Tan Hound Austria Brandlbracke.JPG
Austrian Pinscher Austria Pinczer austiacki 678.jpg
Azawakh Mali Azawakh-Red male black mantle.jpg
Bakharwal Dog Pakistan
Barbet France Barbet.jpg
Basenji Democratic Republic of the Congo Basenji 600.jpg
Basque Ratter Spain
Basque Shepherd Dog Spain Pastor vasco m 14months loby 3018.jpg
Basset Artésien Normand France Basset artezyjsko-normandzki. Umbra z Romiszówki.jpg
Basset Bleu de Gascogne France Basset bleu de Gascogne.jpg
Basset Fauve de Bretagne France Basset Fauve de Bretagne 600.jpg
Basset Griffon Vendéen, Grand France G Basset Griffon Vendeen 600.jpg
Basset Griffon Vendéen, Petit France P Basset Griffon Vendeen 600.jpg
Basset Hound France Bluebasset.jpeg
Bavarian Mountain Hound Germany 2005-12 Zoran2.jpg
Beagle United Kingdom (England) Beagle 600.jpg
Beagle-Harrier France Beagle-Harrier-fr.jpg
Bearded Collie United Kingdom (Scotland) Bearded Collie 600.jpg
Beauceron France Owczarek francuski beauceron 009pl.jpg
Bedlington Terrier United Kingdom Bedlington Terriers.jpg
Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael) Belgium European Groenendael male.jpg
Belgian Shepherd Dog (Laekenois) Belgium Fang-sitt-040728.jpg
Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois) Belgium Malinois rybnik-kamien pl.jpg
Belgian Shepherd (Tervuren) Belgium Tervueren.jpg
Bergamasco Shepherd Italy Ortensia di Valle Scrivia.jpg
Berger Blanc Suisse Switzerland A-Wurf von den Spessartraeubern.jpg
Berger Picard France BergerPicard.jpg
Berner Laufhund Switzerland Gonczy bernenski pl1.jpg
Bernese Mountain Dog Switzerland Berner sennhund.jpg
Bichon Frisé Spain, Belgium Bichon Frisé - studdogbichon.jpg
Billy France
Black and Tan Coonhound United States Black and Tan Coonhound.jpg
Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound United States
Black Norwegian Elkhound Norway Paying attention, sort of.jpg
Black Russian Terrier Russia Czarny terier rosyjski 64.jpg
Blackmouth Cur United States MurphysKassieBlackmouthAlabama2.jpg
Bleu de Gascogne, Grand France Oldblue.jpg
Bleu de Gascogne, Petit France Mały gończy gaskoński Cita z Beckova Cb5.jpg
Bloodhound Belgium, France Bloodhound 800.jpg
Blue Heeler Australia
Blue Lacy United States BlueLacyPhoto1.jpg
Blue Paul Terrier United Kingdom (Scotland)
Bluetick Coonhound United States BluetickCoonhound.jpg
Boerboel South Africa Boerboel.jpg
Bohemian Shepherd Czech Republic IRLUKA KROSANDRA (1).jpg
Bolognese Italy Bolończyk 5e3.jpg
Border Collie United Kingdom (Scotland, England, Wales) Border Collie 600.jpg
Border Terrier United Kingdom (Scotland, England) Border Terrier.jpg
Borzoi Russia Borzoi female.jpg
Bosnian Coarse-haired Hound Bosnia and Herzegovina Gonic.jpg
Boston Terrier United States BostonTerrierBrindleStand w.jpg
Bouvier des Ardennes Belgium Bouvier des Ardennes.JPG
Bouvier des Flandres Belgium Bouvier.JPG
Boxer Germany Boxer (dog).jpg
Boykin Spaniel United States Boykin spaniel.jpg
Bracco Italiano Italy Umago.dei.Ronchi.JPG
Braque d'Auvergne France Braque d Auvergne.jpg
Braque du Bourbonnais France Braque du Bourbonnais.jpg
Braque du Puy France Dupuy Pointer from 1915.JPG
Braque Francais France Wyżeł pirenejski 308.jpg
Braque Saint-Germain France Braque saint-germain 666.jpg
Brazilian Dogo Brazil Doguepelolongo.jpg
Brazilian Terrier Brazil Brazilian terrier.JPG
Briard France Briard fauve.JPG
Briquet Griffon Vendéen France Briquet Griffon Vendeen.jpg
Brittany France Epagneul Breton.jpg
Broholmer Denmark Ivarr03.JPG
Bruno Jura Hound Switzerland, France 09057110 Jura Laufhund.jpg
Bucovina Shepherd Dog Romania Bucovina Sheepdog.jpg
Bull and Terrier United Kingdom Benjamin Marshall - Dustman - Bulldog and Terrier Mix.jpg
Bull Terrier United Kingdom (England) Bull Terrier Chico 10.jpg
Bull Terrier (Miniature) United Kingdom (England) Bull terier i bull terier miniatura d46.jpg
Bulldog United Kingdom (England) Racibórz 2007 082.jpg
Bullenbeisser Germany Bullenbeiser.jpg
Bullmastiff United Kingdom (England) Brutus bullmastiff.jpg
Bully Kutta Pakistan PakistaniMastiffPunjab.jpg
Burgos Pointer Spain Burgos Pointer or Perdiguero de Burgos.JPG
Cairn Terrier United Kingdom (Scotland) Cairn-Terrier-Garten1.jpg
Canaan Dog Middle East Israel CanaanDog3.jpg
Canadian Eskimo Dog Canada Spoonsced.jpg
Cane Corso Italy Cane corso temi 2 1024x768x24.png
Cantabrian Water Dog Spain Kantauriar ur-txakurra1.jpg
Cão da Serra de Aires Portugal Cao de Serra de Aires600.jpg
Cão de Castro Laboreiro Portugal Cao de castro laboreiro.jpg
Cão Fila de São Miguel Portugal Caofila.jpg
Carolina Dog United States American Dingo aka Carolina Dog1.jpg
Carpathian Shepherd Dog Romania Carpatin.jpg
Catahoula Cur United States Ch-Catahoula 002.jpg
Catalan Sheepdog Spain Gos d'Atura Català.JPG
Caucasian Shepherd Dog Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan CaucasianOvcharka-Julius.jpg
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel United Kingdom (England) Miss Betty.jpg
Central Asian Shepherd Dog Russia Centralasianovcharka.jpg
Cesky Fousek Czech Republic Czeski fousek 777.jpg
Cesky Terrier Czech Republic Cesky-Terier.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Retriever United States CH Chesapeake.jpg
Chien Français Blanc et Noir France
Chien Français Blanc et Orange France
Chien Français Tricolore France MeuteBourbansais.jpg
Chien-gris France Gris De Saint-Louis from 1915.JPG
Chihuahua Mexico Chihuahua1 bvdb.jpg
Chilean Fox Terrier Chile Fox terrier chileno.JPG
Chinese Chongqing Dog China Sichuan-chongqing, han orientali, molosso, II sec, 02.JPG
Chinese Crested Dog China IndyStands.jpg
Chinese Imperial Dog China Chinese Imperial Dog.jpg
Chinook United States Wikichinook.JPG
Chippiparai India Female Chippiparai sitting.jpg
Chow Chow China ChowChow2Szczecin.jpg
Cierny Sery Slovakia 8s45heryprobaobraz 018.jpg
Cirneco dell'Etna Italy Cirneco dell Etna 611.jpg
Clumber Spaniel United Kingdom (England) Clumber spaniel 767.jpg
Collie, Rough United Kingdom (Scotland) Rough Collie 600.jpg
Collie, Smooth United Kingdom (Scotland) SmoothCollieTri2 wb.jpg
Combai India Combai dog.jpg
Cordoba Fighting Dog Argentina Cordoba profile.jpg
Coton de Tulear Madagascar Coton de Tular 1.jpg
Cretan Hound Greece Kritikosichnilatis 1.jpg
Croatian Sheepdog Croatia Gera062005sed.jpg
Cumberland Sheepdog United Kingdom (England)
Curly Coated Retriever United Kingdom (England) Curly Coated Retriever.jpg
Cursinu Corsica (France) Cursinu 1.jpg
Czechoslovak Wolfdog Czechoslovakia TWH-jolly.JPG
Dachshund Germany Short-haired-Dachshund.jpg
Dalmatian Croatia Dalmatian liver stacked.jpg
Dandie Dinmont Terrier United Kingdom (Scotland) Dandie Dinmont Terrier 600.jpg
Danish Swedish Farmdog Denmark, Sweden Danish Swedish Farmdog.jpg
Decker Rat Terrier United States BriarBey Decker Terrier.jpg
Deutsche Bracke Germany DeutscheBracke.jpg
Doberman Pinscher Germany European Dobermann.jpg
Dogo Argentino Argentina Dogo.jpg
Dogo Cubano Cuba DogoCubano2.jpg
Dogue de Bordeaux France Dogo de Burdeos.jpg
Drentse Patrijshond Netherlands Drentse Patrijshond.jpg
Drever Sweden Drever NUCh Tanjo.jpg
Dunker Norway Dunker.jpg
Dutch Shepherd Dog Netherlands DutchShepherdRoughCoat.jpg
Dutch Smoushond Netherlands Hollandsche smoushonden 2.JPG
East Siberian Laika Russia East Siberian Laika.jpg
East-European Shepherd Russia Owczarek wschodnioeuropejski MB 01.jpg
Elo Germany Elo.jpg
English Cocker Spaniel United Kingdom (England) EnglishCockerSpaniel wb.jpg
American English Coonhound United States English Coonhound.jpg
English Foxhound United Kingdom (England) English Foxhound portrait.jpg
English Mastiff United Kingdom (England) EnglishMastiffChurchill.JPG
English Setter United Kingdom (England) EnglishSetter9 fx wb.jpg
English Shepherd United States TricolorEnglishShepherdDog.jpg
English Springer Spaniel United Kingdom (England) English-Springer-Spaniel show.jpg
English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) United Kingdom (England) English Toy Terrier 600 01.jpg
English Water Spaniel United Kingdom English Water Spaniel.jpg
English White Terrier United Kingdom Old English White Terrier.jpg
Entlebucher Mountain Dog Switzerland Elio v Schaerlig im Juni 2007 klein.jpg
Épagneul Bleu de Picardie France Epagneul bleu de picardie 868.jpg
Estonian Hound Estonia Gończy estoński MB 01.jpg
Estrela Mountain Dog Portugal Estrela Mountain Dog 6 month old male.jpg
Eurasier Germany Eurasier Image 001.jpg
Field Spaniel United Kingdom (England) Field spaniel 581.jpg
Fila Brasileiro Brazil Fila brasileiro ppk9.jpg
Finnish Hound Finland Nuori-suomenajokoira.jpg
Finnish Lapphund Finland Finnish Lapphund Glenchess Revontuli.jpg
Finnish Spitz Finland Finnish Spitz 600.jpg
Flat-Coated Retriever United Kingdom Flat Coated Retriever - black.jpg
Formosan Mountain Dog Taiwan Formosan nina.jpg
Fox Terrier (Smooth) United Kingdom (England) Patrickinfield.jpg
Fox Terrier, Wire United Kingdom (England) Elias1červen2006.jpg
French Brittany France Timba arret.jpg
French Bulldog United Kingdom (England), France Tiger the French Bulldog.jpg
French Spaniel France 04031137 Epagneul Francais.jpg
Gaddi Dog Pakistan
Galgo Español Spain Galgo espagnol Hembra.jpg
Galician Cattle Dog Spain Palleiro1.JPG
Garafía Shepherd Dog Spain Garafiano2.jpg
Gascon Saintongeois France Virelade from 1915.JPG
Georgian Shepherd Dog Georgia Georgia Shepherd.jpg
German Longhaired Pointer Germany DeutschLanghaarneu.jpg
German Pinscher Germany German Pinscher.JPG
German Rough-haired Pointer Germany 03030288 Deutsch Stichelhaa.jpg
German Shepherd Dog Germany Berger allemand en montagne.jpg
German Shorthaired Pointer Germany Duitse staande korthaar 10-10-2.jpg
German Spaniel Germany Deutscher Wachtel 2.jpg
German Spitz Germany Spitz.jpg
German Wirehaired Pointer Germany GermanWirehrPtr1 wb.jpg
Giant Schnauzer Germany GiantSchnauzer.jpg
Glen of Imaal Terrier Ireland Wheaten glen of imaal.jpg
Golden Retriever United Kingdom (Scotland) Golden Retriever standing Tucker.jpg
Gordon Setter United Kingdom (Scotland) Orrvilas enska w800px.jpg
Gran Mastín de Borínquen Puerto Rico
Grand Anglo-Français Blanc et Noir France Grand anglo francais noir.jpg
Grand Anglo-Français Blanc et Orange France 06101298 Grand anglo francais orange.jpg
Grand Anglo-Français Tricolore France Grand anglo francais tricol.jpg
Grand Griffon Vendéen France Rosa Bonheur Grand Griffon Vendeen.jpg
Great Dane Germany Kehleyr1.jpg
Great Pyrenees France, Spain Pyreneittenkoira.jpg
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Switzerland Duży szwajcarski pies pasterski 72.jpg
Greek Harehound Greece Hellinikos Ichnilatis.jpg
Greenland Dog Greenland Greenland Dog.jpg
Greyhound United Kingdom, Middle East GraceTheGreyhound.jpg
Griffon Bleu de Gascogne France 04031124 Griffon Bleu de Gascogne.jpg
Griffon Bruxellois Belgium Brussels Griffon Rembrant.png
Griffon Fauve de Bretagne France 08115500 Griffon Fauve Bretagne.jpg
Griffon Nivernais France Griffon nivernais.jpg
Guatemalan Dogo Guatemala Dogo1.jpg
Gull Terrier Pakistan Gull terr in india owned by Sahil thakur 2014-05-29 17-44.jpeg
Hamiltonstövare Sweden Hamiltonstovare 600.jpg
Hanover Hound Germany Hannoverscher Schweisshund.jpg
Hare Indian Dog Canada, United States Hareindiandog.jpg
Harrier United Kingdom Harrier tricolour.jpg
Havanese Western Mediterranean Region Havanese cd1.jpg
Hawaiian Poi Dog United States Hawaiian dog, 19th century.png
Himalayan Sheepdog Nepal Jackie Himalayan Shephard.jpg
Hokkaido Ken Japan Hokkaidou inu.jpg
Hortaya Borzaya Ukraine, Southern Russia, Belarus Hortaya Borzaya.jpg
Hovawart Germany Hovawart black and tan.jpg
Huntaway New Zealand Huntaway.JPG
Hygenhund Norway Norwegian Hygenhound.jpg
Ibizan Hound Spain Podenco z ibizy 645.jpg
Icelandic Sheepdog Iceland Ulfur.jpg
Indian pariah dog India The Indian Pariah Dog.jpg
Indian Spitz India Indian spitz.jpg
Irish Red and White Setter Ireland Irish Red And White Setter 2005.jpg
Irish Setter Ireland Can Setter dog GFDL.jpg
Irish Terrier Ireland Irish-terrier.jpg
Irish Water Spaniel Ireland Irlandzki spaniel wodny 676.jpg
Irish Wolfhound Ireland Irish Wolfhound Sam.jpg
Istrian Coarse-haired Hound Croatia Istrian hound2.jpg
Istrian Shorthaired Hound Croatia Istrische Bracke.jpg
Italian Greyhound Italy Italian Greyhound standing gray.jpg
Jack Russell Terrier United Kingdom (England) Jrt02.jpg
Jagdterrier Germany Jagdterrier.jpg
Jämthund Sweden Jämthund.jpg
Japanese Chin Japan Czin japoński 554.jpg
Japanese Spitz Japan Japspitzpup.jpg
Japanese Terrier Japan
Kaikadi India
Kai Ken Japan Kai.jpg
Kangal Dog Turkey Varish.jpg
Kanni India Kanni.png
Karakachan Dog Bulgaria Karakatschan.jpg
Karelian Bear Dog Finland Karelski pies na niedźwiedzie 123.jpg
Karst Shepherd Slovenia Owczarek kraski 654.jpg
Keeshond Netherlands, Germany Keeshond Majic standing cropped.jpg
Kerry Beagle Ireland Kerry Beagle from 1915.JPG
Kerry Blue Terrier Ireland Kerry blue terier 545.jpg
King Charles Spaniel United Kingdom (England) King Charles Spaniel 200.jpg
King Shepherd United States SabreKingShepherd.JPG
Kintamani Indonesia Kintamani dog black.jpg
Kishu Ken Japan Kishu.jpg
Komondor Hungary Komondor delvin.jpg
Kooikerhondje Netherlands Kooiker03.jpg
Koolie Australia Pete may01 web.JPG
Korean Jindo Dog Korea (South) Korean Jindo Dog.jpg
Kromfohrländer Germany Kromfohrlaender glatt.jpg
Kumaon Mastiff India
Kunming Wolfdog China Kunming Dog.jpg
Kurī New Zealand ChiefsWithKuri1828.jpg
Kuvasz Hungary Kuvasz Prince Juninho Poster.jpg
Kyi-Leo United States KyiLeoGus.jpg
Labrador Husky Canada Labrador huskies.JPG
Labrador Retriever Canada, United Kingdom (England) YellowLabradorLooking new.jpg
Lagotto Romagnolo Italy Lagotto Romagnolo.jpg
Lakeland Terrier United Kingdom (England) Lakeland Terrier.jpg
Lancashire Heeler United Kingdom (England) Lancashire Heeler 600.jpg
Landseer Canada Landseer.jpg
Lapponian Herder Finland Lapskvallhund.jpg
Leonberger Germany Leonberg-Male-Adulte-Ursus.jpg
Lhasa Apso Tibet Aishia.jpg
Lithuanian Hound Lithuania
Longhaired Whippet United States Whippet długowłosy pies MB 01.jpg
Löwchen Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain Lowchen.jpg
Magyar Agár Hungary, Transylvania Magyar agár male.jpg
Mahratta Greyhound India
Majorca Shepherd Dog Spain Ca de bestiar.jpg
Maltese Italy Maltese 600.jpg
Manchester Terrier United Kingdom (England) Mancherster Terrier.jpg
Maremma Sheepdog Italy Cane Pastore Abruzzese Abruzzo.jpg
McNab United States McNab (dog).jpg
Mexican Hairless Dog Mexico Mexico.Xoloitzcuintle.01.jpg
Miniature Australian Shepherd United States Miniature Australian Shepherd red tricolour.jpg
Miniature American Shepherd United States
Miniature Fox Terrier Australia Miniature Fox Terrier.jpg
Miniature Pinscher Germany Gotti.JPG
Miniature Schnauzer Germany Miniature Schnauzer 02.jpg
Miniature Shar Pei China XBlack.JPG
Mioritic Romania Mioritic.jpg
Molossus Greece Molossian Hound, British Museum.jpg
Molossus of Epirus Greece
Montenegrin Mountain Hound Montenegro
Moscow Watchdog Russia Moscowwatchdog.jpg
Moscow Water Dog Russia
Mountain Cur United States MountainCur.jpg
Mucuchies Venezuela Mucuchies natural habitat.jpg
Mudhol Hound India Caravan hound Closeupfire.jpg
Mudi Hungary Hondenras Mudi.jpg
Münsterländer, Large Germany GrosserMuensterlaender.jpg
Münsterländer, Small Germany Kleiner Munsterlander edit.jpg
Neapolitan Mastiff Italy Cannon - Male Neapolitan Mastiff 1998.jpeg
Newfoundland Canada Bear-Sparkle fx.jpg
New Zealand Heading Dog New Zealand
Norfolk Spaniel United Kingdom Dash-II-Norfolk-Spaniel.jpg
Norfolk Terrier United Kingdom Norfolk show.jpg
Norrbottenspets Sweden Nordic Spitz.jpg
North Country Beagle United Kingdom
Northern Inuit Dog United Kingdom (England)
Norwegian Buhund Norway Norwegian Buhund 600.jpg
Norwegian Elkhound Norway Norwegian Elkhound.jpg
Norwegian Lundehund Norway Lundehund-2003.jpg
Norwich Terrier United Kingdom Norwichterrier.jpg
Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever Canada Tollers.jpg
Old Croatian Sighthound Croatia
Old Danish Pointer Denmark Wyżeł duński 123.jpg
Old English Sheepdog United Kingdom (England) Old english sheepdog Ch Bobbyclown's Dare for More.jpg
Old English Terrier United Kingdom (England) Old english terrier 041.jpg
Old German Shepherd Dog Germany Altdeutscher Schaeferhund cropped.jpg
Old Time Farm Shepherd United States Sable and White Female OTFS Dog.JPG
Olde English Bulldogge United States UKC Olde English Bulldogge Male.jpg
Otterhound United Kingdom (England) Two otterhounds.jpg
Pachon Navarro Spain
Pandikona India
Paisley Terrier United Kingdom (Scotland) Paisley1903.jpg
Papillon Spain, Belgium, France RileyPapillon.JPG
Parson Russell Terrier United Kingdom (England) 05052881 PRT braun rau.jpg
Patterdale Terrier United Kingdom (England) Truf2.JPG
Pekingese China Pekingese1904.jpg
Perro de Presa Canario Spain Dogo Canario.jpg
Perro de Presa Mallorquin Spain Ca de bou dog.jpg
Perro fino Colombiano Colombia
Peruvian Hairless Dog Peru PHDStandardStanding - Perro Sin Pelo del Perú.jpg
Phalène Belgium, Spain Spaniel miniaturowy kontynentalny phalene 00.jpg
Pharaoh Hound Malta Pies faraona e34.jpg
Phu Quoc ridgeback dog Vietnam Phu Quoc dog.jpg
Picardy Spaniel France Epagneul picard 685.jpg
Plott Hound United States Plotthound.jpg
Podenco Canario Spain Podenco canario hembra.jpg
Pointer United Kingdom (England) English pointer.jpg
Poitevin France
Polish Greyhound Poland Chart polski 67u7.jpg
Polish Hound Poland PolishHound-MlChPl-OKSANA-ZOstregoBoru-wl.JoannaZembrzuska 3.JPG
Polish Hunting Dog Poland PolishScenthound-"NUTKA Klusujaca Sfora wl A.Balcerzak.jpg
Polish Lowland Sheepdog Poland Polski owczarek nizinny rybnik-kamien pl.jpg
Polish Tatra Sheepdog Poland Polski Owczarek Podhalanski.jpg
Pomeranian Germany, Poland Pomeranian 600.jpg
Pont-Audemer Spaniel France 04031158 Epagneul Pont Audemer.jpg
Poodle Germany, France Silver Miniature Poodle stacked.jpg
Porcelaine France Porcelaine.jpg
Portuguese Podengo Portugal Evitarocks.jpg
Portuguese Pointer Portugal Portuguese pointer 11yo.jpg
Portuguese Water Dog Portugal Cão de agua Português 2.jpg
Posavac Hound Croatia


Pražský Krysařík Czech Republic Prazsky krysarik 1.jpg
Pudelpointer Germany Pudelpointer on point.jpg
Pug China Fawn pug 2.5year-old.JPG
Puli Hungary PuliBlack wb.jpg
Pumi Hungary Pumi 2.jpg
Pungsan Dog Korea (North) Poongsandogs.JPG
Pyrenean Mastiff Spain MasPiri-Puma-FIN.jpg
Pyrenean Shepherd France PyreneanShepSmooth wb.jpg
Rafeiro do Alentejo Portugal Rafeiro male.jpg
Rajapalayam India Rajapalayam Hound.PNG
Rampur Greyhound India Rampurgreyhound.jpg
Rastreador Brasileiro Brazil
Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz Spain Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz.jpg
Ratonero Valenciano Spain Ratonero valenciano hell.jpg
Rat Terrier United States AmRatTerr2 wb.jpg
Redbone Coonhound United States Memphis the Redbone Coonhound (7 Nov 2004).jpg
Rhodesian Ridgeback Zimbabwe Rhodesian Ridgeback 600.jpg
Rottweiler Germany Rottweiler.jpg
Russian Spaniel Russia Russpaniel.jpg
Russian Toy Russia RusskiyToyWelpe.jpg
Russian tracker Russia Russian Yellow Retriever from 1915.jpg
Russo-European Laika Russia Russo European Laika 2.jpg
Russell Terrier United Kingdom (England) FCI JRT.jpg
Saarlooswolfhond Netherlands, Germany Bow bow.jpg
Sabueso Español Spain Angoi de A Fonsagrada.JPG
Saint-Usuge Spaniel France EpagneuldeSaintUsuge.jpg
Sakhalin Husky Japan
Saluki Middle East Saluki dog breed.jpg
Samoyed Russia Samoyed 600.jpg
Santal Hound India Santal.jpg
Sapsali Korea Sapsali.jpg
Šarplaninac Serbia, Republic of Macedonia Шарпланинецот од Св.Јован Бигорски.jpg
Schapendoes Netherlands Nederlandse-schapendoes-02.jpg
Schillerstövare Sweden Schillerstövare bearbeitet.jpg
Schipperke Belgium Schipperke gismo 12.jpg
Standard Schnauzer Germany Emppumenossa.jpg
Schweizer Laufhund Switzerland Swiss Hound.jpg
Schweizerischer Niederlaufhund Switzerland 08115491 Schwyzer Niederlaufhund.jpg
Scotch Collie United Kingdom (Scotland) Smooth Collie 600.jpg
Scottish Deerhound United Kingdom (Scotland) Deerhound. F's K.jpg
Scottish Terrier United Kingdom (Scotland) ScottishTerrier.jpg
Sealyham Terrier United Kingdom (Wales) SealyhamTerrier2.jpg
Segugio Italiano Italy Segugioitalianopelorasofulvo.JPG
Seppala Siberian Sleddog Canada Seppala Siberian Sleddog.jpg
Serbian Hound Serbia Serbian Hound Face.JPG
Serbian Tricolour Hound Serbia Srpski Trobojni Gonic.gif
Seskar Seal Dog Finland Seiskarinkoira Seiskari dog.jpg
Shar Pei China BandWSharPei.JPG
Shetland Sheepdog United Kingdom (Scotland) Shetland Sheepdog 600.jpg
Shiba Inu Japan Taka Shiba.jpg
Shih Tzu China Shih-Tzu.JPG
Shikoku Ken Japan Shikokuken.jpg
Shiloh Shepherd Dog United States Plushcoatshilohshepherd.jpg
Siberian Husky Russia Siberian-husky.jpg
Silken Windhound United States Fallon1.jpg
Sinhala Hound Sri Lanka
Skye Terrier United Kingdom (Scotland) Skye terrier 800.jpg
Sloughi Morocco Sloughi sandcolor.jpg
Slovak Cuvac Slovakia Cuvac 1.jpg
Slovakian Rough-haired Pointer Slovakia ICh Brita z Ruzenice.jpg
Slovenský Kopov Slovakia MVP Nitra 2004 (8).jpg
Smålandsstövare Sweden Smaland-Stövare.jpg
Small Greek Domestic Dog Greece SmallGreekDomesticDog.jpg
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Ireland Dog2wheaten.jpg
South Russian Ovcharka Russia South Russian Ovcharka.jpg
Southern Hound United Kingdom Southern Hound.jpg
Spanish Mastiff Spain Mastif hiszpanski pl.jpg
Spanish Water Dog Spain Perro agua.jpg
Spinone Italiano Italy Spinone italiano Oliver.jpg
Sporting Lucas Terrier United Kingdom (England) LucasTerrier.jpg
St. Bernard Italy, Switzerland Stbernardinsnow.jpg
St. John's water dog Newfoundland, Canada St Johns dog.jpg
Stabyhoun Netherlands Frisianstaby.jpg
Staffordshire Bull Terrier United Kingdom (England) Staffordshire Bull Terrier 600.jpg
Stephens Cur United States Stephens Cur.jpg
Styrian Coarse-haired Hound Austria Steirische Rauhhaarbracke.jpg
Sussex Spaniel United Kingdom (England) Sussex spaniel t43.jpg
Swedish Lapphund Sweden Svensk lapphund.JPG
Swedish Vallhund Sweden SwedishVallhundAgility wb.jpg
Tahltan Bear Dog Canada Tahltan Bear Dog sketch2.jpg
Taigan Kyrgyzstan Taigan.jpg
Talbot United Kingdom, Belgium, France Cartercrest.jpg
Tamaskan Dog Finland Tamaskan.jpg
Teddy Roosevelt Terrier United States Teddyterrier.jpg
Telomian Malaysia Telomian.jpg
Tennessee Treeing Brindle United States Sienna TTBD.jpg
Tenterfield Terrier Australia TenterfieldTerrier.jpg
Terceira Mastiff Portugal Fila de Terceira.jpg
Thai Bangkaew Dog Thailand Bangkaew.jpg
Thai Ridgeback Thailand Thai-Ridgeback.jpg
Tibetan Mastiff Tibet Bea Miu Nan Šan, CAC.jpg
Tibetan Spaniel Tibet Tibetansk spaniel.jpg
Tibetan Terrier Tibet Tibetan-terrier-Blue-Blossom-Guldborg-Denmarkjpg.jpg
Tornjak Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia
Tosa Japan Tosa inu - głowa.jpg
Toy Bulldog Toy Bulldog Little Knot 1903.jpg
Toy Fox Terrier United States Toy Fox Terrier 2.jpg
Toy Manchester Terrier United Kingdom (England), United States Toy-manchester-terrier-weave.png
Toy Trawler Spaniel United Kingdom Trawler spaniel goblin.jpg
Transylvanian Hound Hungary Erdelyi kopo VadaszNimrodSzeder01.jpg
Treeing Cur United States
Treeing Walker Coonhound United States Treeing-walker-coonhound-standing.jpg
Trigg Hound Kentucky, United States Ned (Trigg).png
Tweed Water Spaniel United Kingdom Tweed Water Spaniel.jpg
Tyrolean Hound Austria Tiroler Bracke.jpg
Uruguayan Cimarron Uruguay Boqueron de Quilligan.JPG
Vanjari Hound India Banjara from 1915.JPG
Villano de las Encartaciones Spain Billano arra1.JPG
Vizsla Hungary Vizsla.jpg
Volpino Italiano Italy Volpino04.jpg
Weimaraner Germany Weimaraner wb.jpg
Welsh Corgi, Cardigan United Kingdom (Wales) Cardigan Welsh Corgi 600.jpg
Welsh Corgi, Pembroke United Kingdom (Wales) Pembroke Welsh Corgi 600.jpg
Welsh Sheepdog United Kingdom (Wales) Welsh Sheepdog.jpg
Welsh Springer Spaniel United Kingdom (Wales) Welsh Springer Spaniel 1.jpg
Welsh Terrier United Kingdom (Wales) Welch Terrier on sand - 2007.png
West Highland White Terrier United Kingdom (Scotland) West Highland White Terrier Krakow.jpg
West Siberian Laika Russia West Siberian Laika.jpg
Westphalian Dachsbracke Germany Westfälische Dachsbracke.jpg
Wetterhoun Netherlands Fryzyjski pies wodny u68.jpg
Whippet England WhippetWhiteSaddled wb.jpg
White Shepherd United States Schweizer Schäferhund, 9 Monate.JPG
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Netherlands, France Korthalsgriffon.jpg
Wirehaired Vizsla Hungary Drahthaarvizsla.jpg
Yorkshire Terrier United Kingdom (England) Yorkshire Terrier WA Mozart Dolce Sinfonia.jpg
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