Germany Beck

The landing of Tostin, and his victory over the Earl of Northumberland. On the left are the boats full of armed men; then Tostin, landing by a ladder from the boat, and mounting his horse; and on the right the battle is represented, the Northumbrians being in retreat.


When King Harald saw that the English array had come to the ditch against him, he ordered the charge to be sounded, and urged on his men. He ordered the banner which was called the Land-ravager to be carried before him, and made so severe an assault that all had to give way before it; and there was a great loss among the men of the earls, and they soon broke into flight, some running up the river, some down, and the most leaping into the ditch, which was so filled with dead that the Norsemen could go dry-foot over the fen. There Earl Morukare fell. -- Heimskringla