River Till, Lincolnshire

River Till, Lincolnshire. Photo ©
Dennis Prangnell, 11 December 2005

River Till is next to Stow and is located in Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom.
River Till has a length of 20.31 kilometres.

TILL in the western part of the county of Lincoln. It rises near Gainsborough not far from the river Trent and pursues its course along a depression formed
between the high land near the Roman Ermine Street and that which borders on the Trent. In its progress it passes near the well wooded grounds of Somerby Hall and
by the villages of Upton and Willingham to the vicinity of Stow, which was anciently a place of ecclesiastical distinction. It then flows by Broxholme and
joins the navigable Foss Dyke which unites itself with the river Witham in the low part of the city of Lincoln. The canal called the Foss Dyke is attributed to
the Romans and has had much attention bestowed upon it at different periods since. It is about eleven miles in length extending from the river Trent at
Torksey through a flat country to the river Witham and thus connecting the traffic of two important navigations.

From 'Long and Porter's Geography of Great Britain'