The 'Mora'

The flagship of William's invasion fleet, the 'Mora', was a magnificent ship presented to Duke William as a token of love from his wife, Queen Matilda, daughter of Baldwin V of Flanders. The ship was fitted throughout at her own expense, adorned with a formalised lion's head prow and an elaborately carved stern post. The stern post was said to have been carved with the golden figure of a child, whose right forefinger pointed towards England, however, in the tapestry we see that the figure holds a miniature gonfannon in his right hand whist holding to his lips an ivory horn in his left.
The vessel was set with a chequered sail and atop its mast a cross, beneath which was hung a signal lantern. Airard Fitz Stephen commanded the 'Mora' which was undoubtedly the fastest ship in Duke William's fleet.

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