and seizes the Goose in his remorseless claws and devours her, while the Stork flies off. The Goose called out after her; "He who trusts himself to so weak a protector, deserves to come to a still worse end."


TheStork, the Goose, and the Hawk

A Stork, having come to a well-known pool, found A Goose diving frequently beneath the water, and inquired why she did so. The other replied; "This is our custom, and we find our food in the mud; and then, besides, we thus find safety, and escape the attack of the Hawk when he comes against us." "I am much stronger than the Hawk," said the Stork; "if you choose to make an alliance with me, you will be able victoriously to deride him." The Goose believing her, and immediately accepting her aid, goes with her into the fields. Forthwith comes the Hawk,

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