For fever disease; pound in ale lupins, githrife, waybroad, let it stand for two nights, administer to drink. For fever again; let him drink betony much, and eat three bits of it. Again, drink in clear ale wormwood, githrife, betony, bishopwort, fen mint, rosemary, the clove rooted wenwort, marrubium, drink for thirty days. A drink for that, betony, springwort, attorlothe, vervain, everthroat, houndstongue, dwarf dwosle, wormwood. For a tertian fever, let the sick drink in warm water ten sups of betony, when the fever is approaching. For a quartan fever, let him drink juice of waybroad in sweetened water two hours before the fever will to him. For a quotidian fever, let him drink in cold water so much of the dust of betony as may weigh a penny ; as much more of waybroad. -- Leechdoms.

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