Robert d`Amfreville

Prudhoe Castle
Prudhoe Castle, Northumberland
Photo © Chris Tweedy, Aug. 2005

There are eight communes of the name in Normandy, but probably Amfreville-sur-Iton in the viscountcy of Evreux, was the residence of this family. M. le Prevost suggests that Toures should read Tourville adjoining the principal seat of the lords of Amfreville-la-Champagne. Umfreville is the English name and Robert de Umfreville "with the beard," lord of Tour, and Vian in Normandy, and a kinsman of the Conqueror, came to England with him at the conquest and received the lordships of Prudhoe and Riddesdale in Northumberland. Robert, his eldest son, was witness to the foundation charter of Kelso abbey in 1076. His second son Gilbert was contemporary with Henry I and joined in the conquest of Glamorgan in 1091, and Odonel, the third son, became baron of Riddesdale and Prudhoe. The great-grandson of the latter, Gilbert, lord Umfraville, was in the right of his wife, earl of Angus in Scotland at the close of the 13th century. The name appears frequently in Monasticon Anglicanum. A branch remained in Normandy, which descended from Walter d'Amfreville, who was at the battle of Gisors in 1097, in which county the family flourished in the 13th and 14th centuries and made donations to the abbey of Jumieges. --(Falaise Roll).

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