Asgar the staller (Esegar Ansgar Ansgard Ansgardus)

Canute's lieutenant, Tovi the Proud was succeeded by his son Athelstan, father of Asgar, Sheriff of the Middle-Saxons, who was a staller at the time of the Norman conquest of England, and whose inheritance, King William, later gave to Geoffrey de Mandeville. Tovi's grandson Asgar was called 'the staller' in charters from 1044. Tovi's son Athelstan may also have been a staller. Athelstan lacked his father's wisdom and lost many of their possessions. The church at Waltham, re-founded by Tovi in the reign of Cnut was given to Earl Harold, son of Earl Godwine and brother of Queen Edith, by King Edward.

The siege of London which preceded duke William's coronation, was led by Ansgar. He stood at the head of the men of London negotiating with William for its surrender. William was preparing to bombard the city with siege engines and Ansgar, hoping to trick William in negotiations, was himself tricked by the Conqueror.

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