This illustrious and ancient barony was in the environs of Pont l'Eveque, called Beaufou, Beaufois, and Belfai, latinized Bellofago. Its lords were descended in the female line from Raoul, comte d'Ivri, uterine brother of duke Richard (I). Wace (l. 13558) informs us that "Robert, sire de Belfou," was present at Senlac, which opinion is concurred in by William of Poitiers, Planche and Cleveland. M. le Prevost, on the other hand, thinks Wace should have recorded Ralph instead, since his name occurs in contemporary documents, and Radulph de Bellofago is entered in Domesday. Guillaume de Beaufou, also at the conquest, was lord of Swanton Morely in Norfolk in 1086 (Domesday), and many other manors in the county. He is said to have been a "near relation, if not the son" of William de Beaufoe, bishop of Thetford, chaplain and chancellor of the Conqueror. William's daughter and heir Agnes married Hugue de Rie, castellan of Norwich, also present at Hastings.

--(Falaise Roll).

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