William Avenel de Biarz

William Avenel de Biarz was seneschal to Robert, Count of Mortain and under-tenant to Earl Roger in Shropshire and accompanied them to England in 1066. He was one of six sons of Ormellinus and Avitia Lard of the Des Biards. Other sons may also have been combatants in the Battle of Hastings as William Avenel de Biarz’s brothers Ranulf, Walter, Herve and Traslen were still living in 1081. In 1082 William Avenel de Biarz is recorded as having given the church of Vezens to the Abbey of La Couture, of which his brother Joel became the fifth Abbot. William by his wife had four sons, William, Richard, Robert and Hugh. From William’s brother Ranulf descend the line of the English Avenels. The property of Haddon passing on to the Vernons in later generations.

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