" Bolevilain " of Wace (L. 13711), companion of the Conqueror at Hastings, is not recorded in Domesday, for which reason it is concluded that he either died in the conflict or before the compilation of that work. The family was seated in Northampton and Norfolk, one of whom, Guillaume Boutevileyn, founded in 1143 the abbey of Pipewell in the former county. Several others are found in this county a little later. Leland has Buttevillain, Brompton, Boutevilain, and Fox and Stow, Boutevillain. M. de Gerville, in his Recherches, certifies that sire de Boutteville from the arrondissement of Valognes, was at the conquest, and this family established itself in Somerset and Bedford. It was long of great consequence in England, and the name appears on the roll of Battle abbey as Boutevile. The burden of opinion seems to be that Bouttevillain and Boutteville are separate families.

--(Falaise Roll).

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