Geoffry de la Guierche derived his name from La Guerche, a town near Rennes on the border of Brittany. His father Sylvester, lord of La Guerche, was a churchman, and on the death of his wife was consecrated bishop of Rennes, in 1075. When he entered the church his son succeeded to his estates. Geoffry is entered in Domesday under the anglicized form of Wirce or Lawirce. He was a great landowner in Domesday, having obtained twenty-six manors in Leicester; twelve in Warwick; the entire isle of Axholme, with the manors of Gainsborough, Somerby and Blyborough, in Lincoln, and Adlingfleet in York. At the time of the survey he had also custody of count Alberic's lands in Warwick. His principal residence is believed to have been Melton, and he was a benefactor to Selby abbey and St-Mary's, York. From these charters it is evident that he had no issue. In 1093 he witnessed a deed of Hervey, son of Goranton, and died soon afterwards, as the next year, his heir, Walter, surnamed Hay, founded a priory at Pouence.

--(Falaise Roll).

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