Guy I, Count De Ponthieu
Count of Ponthieu and Montreuil

Birth : About 1030 France
Death : 13 October 1101
Father : Hugh II Count De Ponthieu (About 1005-1052)
Mother : Bertha De Aumale daughter of Guerinfroi, Signor d'Aumale
Wife : Ada De Amiens
Children: Agnes De Ponthieu [Countess Of Shrewsbury]

Guy I, Count of Ponthieu, sometimes referred to as the count of Abbeville, was the brother of Enguerrand (or Ingelram) II Count Of Ponthieu, Sire d'Aumale. Enguerrand was married to Adelaide (or Adeliza), Duke William's sister. The title of 'Count of Ponthieu' passed to Guy on the death of his brother Enguerrand, in 1053, when he was killed by William's troops at St. Aubin during the siege of Arques. In 1054, to avenge the death of his brother, Guy took part in the Battle of Mortemer, joining forces with Odo, brother of king Henry, Reginald of Clermont and Ralph of Montdidier. They fought against the French forces of Robert, Count of Eu, Hugh of Gournay, Hugh of Montfort, Walter Giffard, William Crispin and Roger of Mortemer. Count Guy was defeated in this battle, taken prisoner and held a captive of Duke William at Bayeux for two years. Guy was released from prison on promise of homage and fealty to Duke William. In 1064, Count Guy exercised the laws of 'Wreck', when Earl Harold was shipwrecked upon the shores of Ponthieu. Through the demands of his liege-lord William, Guy turned Earl Harold over to the custody of Duke William. Guy is recorded as having gone on the 1st Crusade and may well have been a companion of the Conqueror in 1066.

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