Hermann, Bishop of Ramesbury.

Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral
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Bill Tyne, Sep 2005

Brithwold, (Bertwald) bishop of Ramesbury, died in 1045 and was succeeded by Hermann, the king's chaplain. Hermann, annoyed at the king's refusal to allow the episcopal seat to be transferred to Salisbury, resigned his bishopric, and assumed the monastic habit at St. Bertin's. After three years Hermann returned to his bishopric, and, with king Eadward's support, when the see of Sherborne became vacant in 1058, united the bishopric of Sherborne with that of Ramesbury to form the diocese of Sarum (Salisbury). The see was translated to Old Sarum in 1075.

Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop's Grounds
by John Constable c.1825.

During Hermann's self imposed exile he became aquainted with Goscelin of Saint Bertin, who later became part of Hermann's household. Hermann placed Goscelin in his monastery at Sherborne where he remained for two years after his death. Hermann died 20 February 1078 and was succeeded by Saint Osmund who was appointed to the combined dioceses of Sherborne and Ramsbury. In that same year Osmund moved the see to the castle at Salisbury.



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