This ancient family derives from Lambert, count of Mons and Louvain. He was born about 940 and died in 1004, leaving three sons. The eldest succeeded him in his estate, while the second, Baldwin, settled in Flanders and from him descended the Lambertine family of Bologna, always considered one of the most illustrious in that duchy. The third son, Ralph de Lambert, was born about 980 and settled in Normandy on the estate of his mother, where he married. Their son Ralph de Lambert was born about 1010 and accompanied the Conqueror to England at the battle of Hastings. He was succeeded by Hugh Fitz Lambert, who married Mathilda, daughter of Peter de Roos. William de Lambert, their son, married Gundred, widow of Roger de Beaumont, second earl of Warwick. This lady was the daughter of William, count of Warren in Normandy and the first earl of Surrey, by his wife Gundred (died 1085), believed to have been the daughter of queen Matilda. William Fitz Lambert, William, Peter and Flodus Lambert occur in Normandy between 1180 and 1198. Robert, Walter and William Lambert appear in England c. 1272. In 1086 (Domesday) a Norman chief, Haco or Lambert, is registered as holding Witham from Ralph Paganel. He occurs in 1091 as Haco de Multon. Thomas de Multon, his son, a benefactor to Spalding, had Lambert de Multon living in the time of Stephen. From his eldest son descended the lords Multon of Egremont. His younger son Henry Fitz Lambert was a benefactor to the church in Lincoln, and had Richard Fitz Lambert living in 1235. A branch became seated in Surrey, from whom descended the distinguished general sir Oliver Lambert in the time of Elizabeth, ancestor of the lords Lambert, earls of Cavan.

--(Falaise Roll).

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