The family of Limesy from the pays de Caux, near Pavilly, five leagues north-west of Rouen, was a branch of the powerful family of Toeni, Hugh de Toeni, younger brother of Roger d'Espagne, the sons of Raoul de Toeni, one of the castellans of Tillieres in 1027, was surnamed de Limesi, from his seigniory of that name in Normandy. He was living in 1060, and his sons, Raoul and Balderic de Limesi, were at the conquest of England. Raoul de Limesi obtained forty-one lordships in Somerset, Hertford, Devon, Gloucester, Northumberland, Warwick, Nottingham, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk, which he held as tenant-in-chief, including the barony of Wolverley in Warwick, where he built a strong castle which was the seat of his posterity. Kelham in his Illustrations says he was the son of one of the half-sisters of the Conqueror. He died towards the end of the reign of king William, after founding the priory of Hertford, where he and his wife Hadewisia, were admitted towards the end of their lives. His branch of the family is recorded for many generations, and his descendants, through the female line, the comtes de Frontbosk and marquesses de Limesay, were flourishing at the time of the French revolution. Balderic de Limesay, his brother, held lands from the earl of Chester and was the ancestor of the family of Lindsay, Limesy or Limesay in Scotland, including the earls of Crawford and Balcarres, and the dukes of Montrose.

--(Falaise Roll).

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