Raoul Taisson

Raoul Taisson, Lord of Cingueleiz was the brother of Gilbert Tyson, who died fighting on the side of King Harold in the Great Battle of Senlac. Raoul’s father was Rodulfi Taisson, who fought alongside Duke William in the Battle of Val-es-Dunes in 1047 along with his large company of knights. Rodulfi Taisson was one of the most powerful barons in Normandy holding as much as a third of the Duchy as well as English domains in Lincoln, Nottingham and York. The estates of Rodulfi Taisson were passed on to his grandson Gilbert as his son Raoul, like his brother Gilbert, did not survive the Battle of Hastings.

Raoul married a first cousin of William the Conqueror called Matilda having by her a son named Jordan and a daughter named Letitia.

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