A Norman baronial name from Verdun, near Avranches. Bertrand de Verdun came to England in 1066 and in 1086 was a Domesday baron, holding Farnham Royal in Buckinghamshire. On the day of the coronation he provided a glove for the king's right hand and supported his right arm during the service so long as his monarch held the royal sceptre. In 1095 he attested a charter of William Rufus to St-Mary's abbey, York, and served as sheriff of that county in 1100. William and Bertran de Verdun (sons of Normand) appear in a charter of the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel in 1158 and William, probably the same, occurs in two of the abbey of Jumieges, one in 1187 and the other in 1188.

--(Falaise Roll).

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