This scene shows the gateway to York followed by a Yew tree that symbolizes Yggdrasil. King Harold’s army now marches on Stamford bridge, where Hardrada awaits the arrival of the hostages. Harold had set out from Tadcaster, along the Ebor way, on the morning of the 25th September, arriving at York a few hours later. After a brief stop they continued their march to Stamford Bridge, a further 7 miles. In the lower border we see a man hunting an Elk. The man on horseback is Odin. He is riding a stallion, Sleipnir, and he carries Gungnir, his spear. This spear was made by the dwarf Dvalin and had the ability to always hit its mark. In the upper border appears the rune Eoh or Eihwaz, which also symbolizes the yew tree and is closely associated with hunting. This runic symbol is followed by two ravens, Huginn and Muninn.