Here we see the famous story of the Norwegian giant holding the bridge against all who tried to pass. “Here a single Norwegian, whose name ought to have been preserved, took post on a bridge, and hewing down more than forty of the English with a battle-axe, his country's weapon of choice, stayed the advance of the whole English army till the ninth horn. At last someone came under the bridge in a boat, and thrust a spear into him, through the chinks of the flooring.”- Henry of Huntingdon. “Pear pie feast” was held each year to commemorate this event. Pies were made in the shape of a swill-tub. See Drake’s History of York. The man in the tub might be identified as the great Grandfather of Ilger of Eggleston. Ilger married Margert de Kyme of the manor of Wilberfoss. From this couple descend the family of Wilberforce.