With a fleet in excess of 300 ships, Hardrada and Tostig ravage the coast of Cleveland and Holderness. A lady and child is aboard the longship. It is claimed that Hardrada was accompanied to England by his wife Elisaveta Yaroslavna of Kiev and their two daughters Maria and Ingegerd. Other sources claim he was only accompanied by one daughter, whilst the Heimskringla claims mother and daughter were left on the Orkney Isles whilst en route to England. Ragnhild, another daughter of Harald, married Godred Crovan, king of Mann. Croven fought at the Battle of Stamford Bridge and married Ragnhild in 1066. Ragnhild died on the Isle of Man. Horses are seen aboard the longship. In 1038, Hardrada, with the help of Scandinavian mercenaries, landed on Sicily and conquered the city of Messina. Horse transports were used in this operation; it is therefore evident that Hardrada was not without the knowledge of transporting horses. Bysantine horse transports are known to have existed since the 10th Century.A Siren appears in the lower border. Sirens have the body of a bird and the face of a woman. With beautiful voices they could seduce any sailor. Once seduced, they then ate them. The Sirens lived on an island near the strait of Messina which was white with the bones of dead sailors.