In the main scene a sailor blows a horn to inform the crew that land has been sighted. The angle of the longship suggests a rough passage. Gathering his fleet at Solund in the Sognefjord, Hardrada sailed to the Shetlands. A distance of 230 miles. From the Shetlands he sailed to the Fair Isles, a distance of 100 miles. From the Fair Isles to the Orkneys a further 90 miles. Hardrada's fleet would have taken haven at the Orkneys in Scapa Flow. Measuring 324.5 square kilometres, Scapa Flow is the worlds second largest harbour. From the Orkneys to Dunfermline was another 230 miles. It is at Dunfermline that Hardrada would have met with Malcolm III of Scotland. Dunfermline to the River Tyne leg of the voyage was 120 miles. The River Tyne to the River Tees, 30 Miles. River Tees to Holderness, 30 miles. Holderness to Scarborough, 20 miles. Scarborough to Cleveland, 24 miles. Cleveland to the River Humber, 50 miles and the final leg up the Humber to the village of Riccall, another 67 miles. In total, a voyage of 991 miles. In the lower border winged warriors do battle.