Canute II of Sweden

Canute II of Sweden

Coin bearing the effigy of Canute II

Canute II Holmgersson, called the Tall (Swedish: Knut Långe till Sko), was King of Sweden from 1229 until his death 1234. He may have been a great grandson of Eric the Saint, for the sagas give Filip Eriksson, Eric's youngest son, as the father of Holmger, Canute's father. Canute was closely allied with Folkungs, who wanted to limit the powers of the church and king.

Canute was a member of the council that ruled Sweden from 1222 to 1229, during the early reign of Eric XI. In 1229 Eric was overthrown after the Battle of Olustra in Södermanland. Canute was crowned as in 1231 but his time in office was short. After his death Eric returned and ruled until his own death in 1250.

Canute was married to Helena, whose parentage and date of death vary between researchers. One source alleges that she died before 1227, and that she was the daughter of jarl Folke Birgersson. Both of their sons—Holmger (d. 1248) and Philip (d. 1251)—died in the Folkung uprisings fighting against Birger jarl.

Knut Långe
Died: 1234
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Eric XI
King of Sweden
Succeeded by
Eric XI

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