Aethelbert of East Anglia

One of the three known coins of Aethelberht   One of the three known coins of Aethelberht

Aethelbert (died May 20, 794 at Sutton Wells, Herefordshire) was king of East Anglia. His reign may have begun in 779 - the date provided for the beginning of his reign on the uncertain authority of a much later saint's life. He was put to death by Offa of Mercia under unclear circumstances. His death lead to a domination of East Anglia by Mercia; Mercian kings ruled over East Anglia for thirty of the thirty-two years after Aethelbert's demise. Aethelbert has also been canonized and is the subject of a series of vitae dating from the eleventh century onwards.


Preceded by:
King of East Anglia Succeeded by:
Offa of Mercia

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