Aethelwalh of Sussex

Aethelwalh (fl. c.660, c.685), or, more correctly, Æðelwealh, was the first historic King of Sussex.

In 661, King Wulfhere of Mercia handed him the territories of the Meonware and the Isle of Wight, and sponsored his conversion to Christianity, thus becoming the first Christian King of Sussex. He married Eafe, daughter of Eanfrith of Hwicce. In 681 Æðelwealh gave lands in Selsey to Wilfrid, exiled Bishop of York, on which to found an abbey.

In 685, Caedwalla, a West Saxon prince, invaded Sussex, ravaging the kingdom, and Æðelwealh was slain. Caedwalla was driven out by Æðelwealh's Ealdormen Berthun and Andhun, who thereafter governed the kingdom.

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