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Queen Alexandra of Yugoslavia (née Princess Alexandra of Greece)(25 March 1921 - 30 January 1993) was the wife of the last King of Yugoslavia, Peter II.

She was born in Athens in Greece, after the death of her father. Her parents were King Alexander I of Greece and his wife, Aspasia Manos.

As daughter of Aspasia and granddaughter of Petros Manos and Maria Argyropoulos, she was the only scion of the Royal Family of Greece to be of recent Greek descent. Through her mother's side she descended, among others, from Phanariote Greeks from Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey). Like most European royal families, the Glücksburg dynasty had a very mixed ethnic origin (including some Greek blood dating back to the Middle Ages).

Alexandra was recognized as Princess of Greece, although she grew up somewhat shunned by the German-descended royal family, in part because of past hostility between her paternal grandfather Constantine I of Greece and her father, and in part because of lingering hostility between her mother and other members of the royal family. In1944, she married king Peter II of Yugoslavia, with whom she had a son, Aleksandar.

She died in East Sussex in England on 30 January 1993 and was buried in the former private Greek royal residence at Tatoi in Greece.

Alexandra of GreeceQueen of Yugoslavia
Alexandra of Greece
Queen of Yugoslavia

Styles of
Queen Alexandra (as consort)
Coat of Arms
Reference style Her Majesty
Spoken style Your Majesty
Alternative style Ma'am

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