Ceolred of Mercia

Ceolred (died 716) was King of Mercia from 709 to 716.

He was a son of Aethelred and became king following the abdication of his predecessor, Cenred. He was known for his mistreatment of the Church and, probably in large part because of this, the histories of the period leave a very negative portrayal of him, recording him as a cruel and wicked sinner.

In 715, the Mercians under Ceolred fought a battle against the West Saxons under Ine, but the outcome was not recorded. In the next year, Ceolred dramatically collapsed and died after going into a crazed frenzy at a banquet; in a letter to Ceolred's successor, Ethelbald, Saint Boniface explained this as demon possession and claimed that, in his madness, Ceolred died "cursing the priests of God".

He was married to Saint Werburga and buried at Lichfield.

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