Cristina, daughter of Edward the Exile

Cristina, daughter of Edward the Exile and Agatha, was the sister of Edgar Ætheling and Saint Margaret of Scotland, born in the 1040s.

She came to the Kingdom of England with her family in 1057, from Hungary. Along with her siblings, she went went into exile in the Kingdom of Scotland, at the court of Malcolm III, her future brother-in-law.

At some time before 1086, she returned to England, and entered the nunnery at Romsey, where she tutored her nieces Edith and Mary. According to Edith, in testimony given to a conclave of bishops summoned by Archishop Anselm of Canterbury to determine whether Edith could lawfully marry Henry I of England, Cristina attempted to force her to become a nun, but Edith refused.

Cristina's land-holdings in Warwickshire and Gloucestershire are recorded in the Domesday Book. The date of her death is not known, but she does not appear to have given evidence to the conclave, suggesting she died some time before 1100.

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