Cuthred of Kent

Cuthred (d. 807) was a King of Kent (798 - 807). He was a brother of Coenwulf, King of Mercia.

After the revolt of Kent under Eadbert Praen was defeated in 798 by Coenwulf, he established Cuthred as a client king. During Cuthred's reign, the Archbishopric of Lichfield was formally abolished at the Council of Clovesho on October 12, 803, and the Archbishopric of Canterbury thus regained the status of which Offa of Mercia had sought to deprive it. Cuthred's reign also saw the first raids of Kent by the Vikings. After his death in 807, Coenwulf seems to have acted as King of Kent.

Preceded by:
Eadbert II
King of Kent Succeeded by:

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