Cwichelm of Wessex

Cwichelm (died 636) was the son of Cynegils of Wessex, the King of Wessex, and shared power with him from the mid-620s until his death, perhaps ruling Upper Wessex.

Cwichelm was with his father at the Battle of Bindon when they invaded Dumnonia in 611 and again fought alongside him against the Welsh in 614 at Brampton. He appears to have been taking a prominent role in the kingdom well before 626, when he sent an assassin to kill Edwin of Deira. The assassination attempt failed, leading Edwin to march on Wessex, whereupon he won the Battle of Win Hill and Lose Hill. Cwichelm later fought, again alongside his father, against Penda of Mercia at the Battle of Cirencester.

When Cynegils converted to Christianity in 635, Cwichelm resisted, but the following year, Saint Birinus finally converted the Prince, shortly before his death. Cwichelm is said to be buried at Scutchamer Knob in what is now Berkshire.

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