Cynegils of Wessex

Cynegils of Wessex (died 643) was King of Wessex (611-643). He was the son of King Ceol of Wessex. He succeeded his uncle King Ceolwulf upon his death. In 614, Cynegils and his son Cwichelm, defeated the Welsh at Brampton. In 628, the two fought King Penda of Mercia at Cirencester. This ended with a treaty signing. In 634, Cynegils allowed Bishop Birinus to preach Christianity for the first time in Wessex. The next year Birinus baptized both King Cynegils and King Oswald of Northumbria. The year after that Cwichelm was baptized, although he died that year fighting the Welsh. Cynegils died in 643 and was succeeded by his son Cenwalh.

Cynegils had five children:

Preceded by:
King of Wessex
611 - 643
Succeeded by:

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