Eadric of Kent

Eadric (died August 686?) was a King of Kent (685 - 686). He was the son of Ecgberht.

Eadric was for a time co-ruler alongside his uncle Hlothhere, and a code of laws issued in both their names has survived. However, Eadric eventually revolted and defeated Hlothhere with the aid of the South Saxons. Hlothhere died of wounds received in battle on February 6, 685, and Eadric became sole ruler. It was not long, however, before Kent faced the overwhelming invasion of the West Saxons under Caedwalla. In August 686, Eadric was defeated and Kent was conquered; he was probably killed in battle.

Preceded by:
King of Kent
with Hlothhere (?-685)
Succeeded by:

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